100% of profits earned from book sales will be donated to Face the Future™ Foundation.By purchasing a book, you are helping with the health and education of your own child, and also improving the health of children around the world.

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     Founded by Dr. Peter Adamson in 1996, Face the Future™ Foundation is an international medical humanitarian and educational organization. It gathers together some of the world’s leading physicians, surgeons, and nurses to provide life-saving, life-changing facial plastic and reconstructive surgery for disadvantaged patients in less developed countries – all on a volunteer, not-for-profit basis. Each annual surgical mission is a partnership with the host country’s health care system, achieving outcomes that not only benefit patients, but also build medical capacity. The first priority is to conduct life-saving, life-changing procedures to address complex facial tumours, congenital malformations, serious burns and deforming injuries, focusing especially on children and young adults. The second priority is to train and educate local doctors and healthcare professionals to build a sustainable healthcare system.

     Donations are what make each mission possible, as each one costs between $20,000 to $40,000. In return, Dr. Adamson and his team donate all of their time to plan and participate in each mission, with many even paying their travel expenses and bringing some of their own medical supplies – the average dollar value contributed to each mission is usually $250,000 – $900,000. Overall, the return on investment is up to 40 times for every dollar donated, compared to this work being done in North America. As a result of Face the Future™, over 2,500 lives have been saved or transformed to-date. Because of the medical knowledge and experience shared with host surgeons, anaesthesiologists and nurses, the positive impact of improved healthcare is multiplied many times, and continues throughout the year between missions.

Visit www.facethefuturefoundation.ca, or contact Norma Meneguzzi Spall at norma@facethefuturefoundation.ca to learn more.