Nicole Crimi is a medical student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. She received her Honours Bachelor of Science degree from McMaster in 2018, and spent a year away from school to focus more on her passions for art, hiking, and charity, before beginning medical school in 2019. Although she began selling her art on an international platform in 2013, while in University, she realized that her art meant more to her when she was creating it with the goal to share a message or help others. She believes that art allows people to connect with each other in a way deeper than words could ever allow, and as a result, she has gone on to donate meaningful paintings to fundraisers, and use her art in advocacy, such as when she was a keynote speaker at a McMaster United Nations conference titled “Art for Change”. As a medical student, Nicole is constantly seeking out ways to combine her passions for health and art together – co-founding her McMaster HeART (Health and Art) interest group, teaching art workshops centred around wellness to students and patients, and now, creating creative works such as “Patty and the Pandemic” which use art for medical education.

     Those close to Nicole appreciate her positive, and outgoing energy, and can look forward to her home-made cards filled with creative rhymes and colourful drawings. Nicole always had a love for writing, and even won first place for a book that she wrote and illustrated, titled “the Giant Cake” when she was 6. As she grew older, she kept her literary works limited to rhyming cards that she made for her friends, academic papers and her own personal journal. Given her own personal healthcare experiences as a child, and her love for working and volunteering with children, she is overjoyed to combine her passions and skills to create a creative piece that benefits children who read it, as well as the children who are helped by the charity she donates her profits to.

Nicole continues to share her original artworks and creative initiatives online. Follow NicoleCrimiArt on facebook or instagram to stay up-to-date!